How To Choose The Right Tent For Yourself?

- May 10, 2019-

There are many tents on the market, which makes choosing the right outdoor tent a tricky issue. Big or small, models of car camping and hiking. We've put together this simple guide to help you buy the right tent.

Purpose of outdoor tent use. Do you need that ultralight tent? Because you're just going out for the night and weekend trips? Do you have time for backpacking? Or just a simple camping tent?

Decide what size you want to buy. If you're camping in a car, buy a huge tent, bigger than you need. You'll appreciate the extra space to scroll, and you'll have plenty of room for dogs and kids. If you're backpacking, buy a bigger tent than you need. Just you and your partner, so go and buy a tent for three. You'll have more space to store more stuff and less weight.

Choose lightweight or heavy outdoor tents. If you're carrying a tent and buying a backpack model, it's likely to be made of lightweight materials. Sometimes people ask about non-tent tents, not special tent poles. If you're hiking, they're fine because they're ultralight, but for the average user, stand-alone tents are easier to set up and still easier to pack. If you're a car biker, weight is not an issue.

Do you know what kind of weather you're camping in? Backpacking on an island? You need a good three-season tent with a bomber and a good vestibule to store equipment in the rain. Car camping in the south? You can leave a tent for two seasons, make sure it protects you from the sun and has many vents to keep the air flowing. If you're camping in a high mountain environment, you need a four seasons tent.

Focus on packaging. Weight is the most important consideration, but you still need to make sure your outdoor tent fits your backpack or is easy to carry outside. If you buy this tent, then you should try packing the tent bag knot is not strong, and consider the best way to distribute the load in multiple bags, so that the weight can be Shared.

Study durability. It's not just a matter of car camping tents, all types of outdoor tents should be compared, do your research online, and read online reviews. Do a certain amount of research.

Ease of use study. Here's another online search, or better yet, talk to tent store employees. Most outdoor tents are intuitive these days, but some are easier to set up than in high winds or in the dark. Tip: before you go camping, practice setting up tents in your backyard.

So the purchase of tents must be good research, what kind of travel you need to go, suitable for what kind of tents, in order to provide a good tent experience for your travel.

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