How To Choose Sleeping Bag?

- Jan 14, 2020-

How to choose sleeping bag and sleeping bag knowledge?

First, look at the temperature scale

The temperature scale is the most important indicator of sleeping bags. Usually, the temperature scale of sleeping bags is calculated according to men. Therefore, the temperature scale of camping sleeping bags is generally 5 degrees higher than that of men.

Second, look at the material

Good Adult sleeping bags mostly use waterproof and breathable materials. The external materials of sleeping bags must have a certain degree of waterproofness to ensure that the sleeping bags for adults are dry.

Third, look at the filler

There are two main types of sleeping bag fillings, down and synthetic cotton, as well as single-layer fleece sleeping bags.

Fourth, choose a style

The shape of the sleeping bag is directly related to the warming effect of the sleeping bag, the comfort of sleeping and the volume of your luggage. There are three main types: mummy-shaped sleeping bag, semi-rectangular sleeping bag, and envelope-shaped sleeping bag . The above three types of sleeping bags decrease in order from the perspective of thermal insulation and increase in terms of comfort.

Fifth, consider length

There are generally two standards for the length of a sleeping bag: "standard" for heights below 1.80M and "lengthened" for heights below 1.95M. In addition, some sleeping bag manufacturers can also provide "extra long" sleeping bags, sleeping bags designed for women and sleeping bags designed for children. There are many types of sleeping bags, but like choosing other outdoor sports equipment, not the most expensive is the best. Only the ones that can meet your needs appropriately and match your outdoor sports are the best choice.

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