How To Choose A Winter Sleeping Bag

- Apr 20, 2019-

Sleeping bag selection skills - shape

The choice of sleeping bags, the material is also very important, in general, the sleeping bag is made of pure cotton, down, feathers, rayon, artificial feathers and so on. However, the fleece inner bag is relatively light and thin, so the warmth is not good, and it is generally used in spring and summer. The warmth performance of the cotton sleeping bag has been greatly improved, the warmth of the artificial feather is stronger than that of the pure cotton sleeping bag, and the sleeping bag of the down and feather is warm, and it is most suitable for use in winter.

Sleeping bag selection skills - touch

When choosing a sleeping bag, you should also pay attention to what kind of outdoor activities you use and what kind of season. Because the materials in different sleeping bags are also different, you should consider what you need when you buy.

Sleeping bag selection skills - material comparison

Although many materials of sleeping bags have strong warmth, there are certain differences between down sleeping bags and artificial hollow fiber sleeping bags. In the same situation, the down sleeping bag can mention that the compression is small and more portable. The artificial material sleeping bag is relatively larger in size, but after the two materials are in the water, the natural down sleeping bag will have a significant decrease in warmth after being wet.

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