How To Choose A Tent For Novice Campers? It's Practical And Economical. It's A Collection

- Sep 15, 2019-

Spring to summer, it's time to go camping in the wild again. Many little friends see their friends go camping and play. Hey, they can't help but want to experience a camping trip to return to nature and see the stars at night. But before starting out, it's difficult to choose equipment. At least a tent is the best way to go camping. There are all kinds of tents on the market, varied, different functions, high and low, it is really dazzling, there is no choice, then how can we choose a suitable tent?

First, let's look at the types of tents.

Mountain ledger

The function of Alpine tents is mainly reflected in the wind resistance. Most of the supporting poles adopt multi-pole cross structure, forming pole and pole auxiliary force to achieve the best wind resistance effect. Of course, the drawback of this structure is that the weight is the heaviest. This kind of tent has strong pertinence, mainly for professional exploration. The mountaineers use it because the fabric of the inner tent scrapes a layer of resin pulp, so it is insured. Warm performance is also very good, and has a certain degree of air permeability.

Four seasons account

Four-season tent is lighter than alpine tent. Generally, this kind of tent has two large doors. One layer uses mesh fabric to ventilate for three seasons and the other layer uses breathable cloth to keep warm in winter. This structure is the greatest feature of four-season tent. It has good ventilation and ventilation function, and can also keep warm. It can take into account the spring, summer, autumn and winter. Used, but not necessarily wind-resistant, suitable for people who love camping very much.

Three quarter accounts

The three-season tent, designed mainly for spring, summer and autumn, can meet the basic camping requirements and is suitable for entry-level donkey friends. The function of this tent is mainly reflected in ventilation and rainproof. The waterproof index of the external tent is generally between 1500 and 2000 mm, which can meet most of the rainfall more than enough. The internal tent is a full-network structure. Full isolation of internal and external accounts is used to achieve ventilation.

1. Choose according to the season. If you are camping in winter, you must choose the Four Seasons Account. If you are in other seasons, you can choose the Three Seasons Account.

2. According to the natural conditions of the campsite. Functional choices, such as campsite, the wind needs to choose better wind resistance, humidity, choose better ventilation, waterproof performance, and so on.

3 According to the number of campers. Spatial choice.

Choose according to your own use. Structural choices.

If you're not a professional player or a camping enthusiast, you can choose the three-season account.

In terms of space, it is suggested to choose a double account, which is suitable for 1-3 people, and can satisfy most situations, except for family gatherings.

The weight of single account is 1.5 kg, and double account is about 2 kg.

Choose warm colors, such as yellow, orange and red. If you are trapped outdoors, it will be easier to see you in a conspicuous color.

Price, depending on the affordability of each person, the general double account is around 300-500, different prices in different regions are also different.

Six basic requirements for a tent: windproof, waterproof, ventilated, warm and mosquito-proof

Better tents will take into account: space humanized beauty function weight

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