How To Choose A Suitable Climbing Backpack?

- Mar 15, 2020-

In recent years, outdoor enthusiasts have loved outdoor travel, climbing, hiking and other activities. Hiking backpacks have become one of the essential outdoor items for traveling.

There are many backpacks on the market, but how do you find a backpack that suits you? Let's focus on the backpack itself.

One cannot ignore the quality of the material.

Many people pay more attention to the color and shape of the backpack when choosing a backpack. In fact, the key to whether a backpack is strong or durable lies in the manufacturing materials.

From the perspective of the webbing, the price of ordinary webbing and high-quality webbing can be 3 to 5 times, and the webbing selected by Lohas Industrial Co Ltd' backPACK can bear more than 200 kg.

Therefore, the differences in materials are also very large, so the two fabrics have great differences in strength and abrasion resistance. The fabrics are subjected to destructive tests on friction machines.

The same 500D fabric, the ordinary nylon cloth was damaged at 1075 revolutions, but the DuPont nylon cloth was damaged at 3605 revolutions, and its wear resistance was 3 times that of ordinary nylon.

The brand-name backpacks in the market are more exquisite in materials, and the performance and quality are also better.

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