How To Choose A Camping Tent?

- Mar 08, 2020-

 Camping tents are often needed when traveling. So how do you choose a camping tent that suits you?

General outings are based on the principles of lightness, easy support, and low price. They are dome-shaped, weighing about 2 kilograms, and more in single layers. Its waterproof, wind-resistant and warm-keeping properties are secondary and suitable for general small family travel.

Camping tent details 

Mountain travel must first have a certain degree of waterproof, rain, wind and thermal performance, and secondly, the price. Lightweight and support issues. It is dominated by double triangles and weighs 3--5 kg, which is suitable for extensive camping and four-season travel.

The first thing to consider during mountaineering adventure is to keep warm, wind resistant, easy to carry and support, and the second factor is price protection. This type of tent has good performance and high price, and weighs less than 5 kg, which is suitable for use under relatively bad natural conditions.

Other Purpose Tents To meet the needs and uses of various environments, there are other types of camping tents. Fishing tent, semi-rounded for shade and temporary rest. Awnings, shade tools for general travel.

Camping Tents Portable

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