How To Choose A Camping Tent

- May 02, 2019-

First-time campers are often at a loss when they enter a camping shop for the first time. A confusing selection of equipment that will confuse any first time camping. But you still have to choose between a huge tent, a small tent, a sleeping bag, and thousands of accessories that all look the same. Don't worry. Picking a tent is easier than you think. With a little planning, you can find the tent you need.

Choosing a tent isn't necessarily that difficult. It won't be as difficult as buying your first house, but figuring out what tent you need can be confusing. Don't start looking at the tent until you have considered all these issues.

How many people use tents? Almost every family has a tent to live in. Remember that the next time you go backpacking, the bigger tent will weigh a lot more.

Are you bringing the kids? If you have children, you need to decide if they are old enough to sleep in your tent. If not, I strongly recommend buying a bigger tent than you think. An eight-person Montana tent like Coleman's is perfect for 2-3 kids. Remember, you may not travel light. Bring the kids.

What time of year do you go camping? Are you going camping in summer? Or you could go camping during the cold months. Unless you plan to go out in the winter, you'll probably have a standard four seasons tent. Budget tents like Coleman's are perfect for occasional camping trips.

How did you get it to your address? Are you going camping for a short distance? Or do you have to backpack miles into the wilderness? If you plan to hike to your place, you'll want to look for a lighter setting. Small tents like this ultra-light alpine hiking tent are perfect for experienced backpackers.

Hot and cold climates: in warm climates, you need a tent to keep you cool. Some tents even have built-in sun rooms and large screen rooms. In cold climates, you must pay more attention to waterproofing and windproofing.

What quality do you need? Figure out if you need a tent that will last for a few weekends or years. In the world of camping, you really get what you give. Cheap tents are for occasional outings, not for weekend campers a month. Do yourself a favor and buy the best tent you can afford.

How are your installation and disassembly skills? Practice is the only way you can get good results at installation and disassembly. If you're not used to camping, pitch a tent in the yard a few days before your trip. If that doesn't work for you, some companies have pop-up tents. It's perfect for weekend excursions, festivals and car camping.

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