How To Choose A Beach Mat

- Oct 09, 2019-

If you want to go to the beach, it is necessary to bring a beach mat.


So, how to choose a comfortable and suitable beach mat?

First of all, to determine their own people to go to the beach, if members of the extended family go together, they need to take large-scale beach mats.


Secondly, if you are going to have a picnic on the beach, it is necessary to choose a beach picnic mat suitable for sand prevention, waterproof and dirty resistance.


Then, to go to the beach, if you have more personal belongings, you need to choose a light, compressible and easy-to-carry beach mat.


Finally, look at some accessories of the beach mat, tailor-made according to their own needs.



1. Side pockets: you can accept secretaries, tablets, mobile phones and other items.


 2. Add cup sets: you can accept drinks, drinking cups and so on.


 3. Adidin: It can prevent the inflatable sofa from being blown away in the strong wind.


4. Overprint LOGO: It can be silk-printed or colour-printed, with LOGO, warning signs, advertising slogans, etc.


 5. Add bottle opener and mountaineering buckle: It can open bottles outdoors and cooperate with mountaineering equipment.


 6. Adding lights: You can use the matching rechargeable outdoor lighting, which is more dazzling in the evening inside the sofa, or outdoor lighting.


Usually, there are four kinds of materials for beach mats. Now let's look at the characteristics of these four different materials.

 First, 210D polyester Oxford cloth: affordable, relatively strong yarn roving, more conventional stock colors, a slightly rough feel.


2. 210T tear-proof Plaid cloth: comfortable handle, Plaid pattern, soft yarn, fast delivery of conventional stock color, export of commonly used fabrics.

 3. 210T nano-nylon cloth: Made of imported nylon material, it feels soft and skin-friendly, very strong, waterproof and wear-resistant, and its price is high. It is the material for making high-end inflatable sofa.


Fourth, 190T polyester taff: thin yarn, light weight, low price, general firmness.

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