How To Choose A Backpack For Outdoor Sports

- Feb 06, 2020-

Rock climbing:

Conquering one mountain after another is the dream of rock climbing enthusiasts. Rock climbing enables us to appreciate the beauty of the world from a different perspective. Therefore, outdoor rock climbing has become one of the hottest outdoor sports nowadays.There is a wide variety of equipment we need to use for climbing, so choosing the right backpack is essential.

When we choose the climbing bag, we must pay attention to the backpack should have the characteristics of heavy load bearing system and waterproof, its structural design should be comfortable to carry, and must be very lightweight.In addition, in the process of rock climbing, we are not as free as other outdoor sports, so the backpack needs to have a lot of hanging points, easy to take and put items, strong bearing stability and other characteristics.

We face many unknown environments when climbing, so we can choose to carry pack packs, walking packs and top packs.


Hiking is fun and a test of willpower.When we walk in the gobi desert, forest path, we may not have any supplies, so the backpack is your most important life support.

We have short hikes and long hikes.For short hikes, we need to carry less supplies, so our backpacks are required to be light and breathable.The size of the pack is especially important as we need to carry more supplies on long hikes because we need to camp, replenish food, etc.For long hikes, we should opt for rip-resistant materials and a waterproof coating for longer durability and protection.In addition, the carrying material of the long-distance hiking backpack must have the characteristics of soft and comfortable, strong air permeability, so as to effectively reduce perspiration, making our journey more comfortable.

Leisure travel:

We all yearn for the backpacker life.With a bag and a camera, you can walk in every corner of the world as you like.A person, a bag, everywhere you go, this is backpacker life.

Under normal circumstances, the leisure travel bag needs to have these characteristics: simple structure, light weight portable, reasonable separation layer set.However, since it is a leisure trip, the most important thing for us is to follow our inclinations, and the style and color of the backpack is mainly just what we like.

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