How To Celebrate This Christmas Festival?

- Dec 25, 2019-

Christmas is coming. Besides Christmas trees and Santa Claus, do you know how the French and Austrialian people celebrate this grand festival? Let's take a look.

French to outdoor garden product's quality request is very high, for example the tree bag request material is the tree bag material of degradable PE to clamp net cloth, rain barrel is the material that asks environmental protection, pass Europe mark, waterproof class is top, even bath bag also is the bath bag that asks to want to have 4 raw materials, a variety of pockets. The most popular bath bag in France is the portable pressure shower bag.

In the center of France, a few days before and after Christmas, there will be snow, white and fresh. In the eyes of westerners, a white Christmas is an auspicious day. In France, the manger is the most distinctive Christmas symbol, because it is believed that Jesus was born next to the manger. Champagne and brandy are the traditional French Christmas wines.


Australia is one of the countries in the southern hemisphere. At the end of December, as western European nations celebrated Christmas with howling winds, it was midsummer in Australia. As a result in Australia Christmas, everywhere can see shirtless sweat sweat boys and girls wearing miniskirts, and shop Windows carefully decorated winter snow, Christmas trees covered with snow and wearing red cotton-padded jacket Santa Claus, constitute a unique Australian holiday picture. The contrast between the heat and the winter is probably unique in western countries.

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