How To Adjust The Mountaineering Bag?

- Mar 16, 2020-

Mountaineering bags are often used when exercising outdoors. But in the process of using, some accessories always need to adjust the size, so how to adjust the mountaineering bag?

First, if you want to adjust properly, you need to know the names of various parts of the system. Only when you are familiar with these parts can you adjust these parts to the proper position and exert their maximum functions to achieve the best carrying effect. How to adjust these parts to the right position?

This involves ergonomics and requires us to measure the length of our torso (starting from the vertebrae with the posterior cervical ridges up to the vertebrae with the hips flush), and also the hip circumference. Choose the mountaineering bag that suits you according to the measured size (the label on the bag has the corresponding size provided by the manufacturer, and you can find it according to the size!).

After choosing the climbing bag, the rest is how to adjust it.

First, we need to relax both the waistband and shoulder straps, and first tighten the waistband around the hips. At this time, make sure that the belt is relaxed and not too tight. Tighten the shoulder belt so that there is no gap between the shoulder belt and the front, back and upper part of the shoulder.

Tighten the belt again at this time, but do not allow a gap between the shoulder strap and the shoulder. If the adjustment is correct, you will find that the top of the belt and the shoulder belt forms an angle of about 45 to 60 degrees.

If you see this angle, then everything is OK, the work is half done! The following is the most critical place, we want to make every part of the mountaineering bag in the right place:

1. The waist belt surrounds the hip bone and the two ends of the waist belt are spaced at about 13CM.

2. The distance between the top of the support system and the raised cervical spine is about 5CM.

3. The angle between the belt and the top of the shoulder belt is 45 to 60 degrees.

4.The carrying system must fit perfectly with the back

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