Graduation Season

- Jul 03, 2020-

June is the graduation season. Many students have graduated. In China, there are also many schools that will organize students to participate in graduation excursions during graduation.

This month, LOHAS Industrial Co., Ltd. sponsored 100 picnic mats, 30 fast-opening tents, and 200 foldable small buckets in Hangzhou Dinghe Kindergarten. These products are used to sponsor them for playing with children during graduation.

The teachers got these outdoor supplies. There are 15 picnic mats per class. When traveling, if the children are tired, they can rest on the lawn mats in groups of three or five.

Camping tents can be opened automatically as long as they are gently thrown into the sky. Children can share food, read books, play games and chat.

The most popular among children is the small bucket. Throw your belongings in the tent. Take a small bucket to play with sand on the beach, catch crabs, and hold water. Have fun.

Seeing that the children are so happy, our company is even more convinced that our contribution to society is our continuous efforts to pursue motivation.

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