German Guest Kim ' Tree Bag Stroy

- May 27, 2020-

In the last news, we talked about the fact that the German guest Kim did not come to our company to order. Let us talk about the follow-up matters about the tree water bag.

Yesterday I received a reply from KIM. He said that last time there was a problem with the tree bags he ordered from other factories.

First of all, the parts of the automatic tree bag received are very poor and thin. It is also easy to break, and there are many creases on the tree irrigation bag. The water bag of the tree leaked within a week of the irrigation test.

When he contacted other factories, he was annoyed that he had not been properly resolved.

What makes KIM even more annoying is that he still has 5,000 bags for watering bag for trees that have not been sent out in other factories. Due to the epidemic situation, the delivery time of these trees' irrigation bags has been delayed for a full four months. Up to now, other factories have not shipped him. They have been contacted and have not been properly resolved.

So, Kim thought of our LOHAS Industrial Co., Ltd. Because at the beginning, we also quoted him the price, and also sent samples. Currently in contact. Hope this time, we can establish a business relationship with KIM's company.

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