Folding Picnic Baskets

- May 19, 2020-

Today, LOHAS Industrial Co., Ltd. just completed a picnic basket for a group of British guests.

The picnic basket  he ordered was a folding picnic basket with oxford cloth. The size is super large, but it does not take up volume when folded.

This picnic bag also comes with some picnic accessories, such as table cloths, cups, and picnic mats.

The picnic mat is also matched with the picnic bag. The oxford cloth material is in the shape of colorful stripes, which is very suitable for a picnic in this weather.

There are compartments in the picnic cooler bag. A place where you can put fruits, drinks, and accessories such as knives and forks.

After all the  foldable picnic baskets were packed into the outer box, we waited for these two days for the containers to be loaded. Because time is tight, customers choose to take the railway, which will be much faster than the traditional shipping time.

Hope that these outdoor picnic baskets can be shipped as soon as possible.

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