Foldable Waterproof Bag Made By Lohas

- May 06, 2020-

This week, Lohas Industrial Co., Ltd. received a Dutch customer requesting to make a foldable waterproof bag. The size of this waterproof bag is several. The customer requires 10L waterproof bag, 20L waterproof bag, 30L waterproof bag, 3,000 pcs each. And the color requirements of each size of the waterproof bag are different, the waterproof bag 10L is green, 20L is orange, and 30L is blue.

In addition, the color of the outer box marks of this waterproof backpack should be distinguished, in order to prevent these upstream bags from being mixed up at the guest port.

This diving bag is made of fully waterproof and dirt-resistant PVC mesh cloth material, so it is very strong. After seeing the sample of this waterproof bag, the customer was very satisfied and immediately placed an order.

We will finish the delivery of these waterproof bags within the specified time.

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