Foldable Water Tanks Production Time

- Feb 19, 2020-

We are preparing for the workers to return to work at this stage,and can start production soon.

1. At present, the situation of each worker is being understood to see if they have special conditions such as fever. 

2. Disinfect and clean the corner of the factory.

3. Contact the manufacturers of all raw materials.

At present, the delivery time of all our orders will be extended by about 20 working days.

Camping shower tent, camp shower. shower set, waterproof dry bags , tree watering bag and irrigation bags and so on. 

All the orders shipping time will be delayed for about 2 weeks due to the virus.

Any clents needs new orders,Could you please kindly contact with us before PO COMES. So that we can check the detailed things.

foldable water tanks

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