Foldable Water Tanks Inquiry

- May 16, 2020-

Recently, many inquiries have been received on the website.
For example, I received inquiries about outdoor garden products such as collapsible rain buckets, collapsible water bottles, beach mats, tree bags, garden irrigation bags, waterproof backpacks, etc.
However, these outdoor products inquires quantity is very small. 

One Netherland client only needs 20 pcs 225L rain barrel , one Germany clients needs 30 pcs treegator watering bag, one Australian client reuqires only 50 pcs waterproof travel bags.

Here we present one of the inquiry content as below:

Hi, We need 10 tree watering bags, PVC material, to Denmark. What is the price.

Below is our reply :

Thank you for your inquiry.
Please tell us the specific address to which these 10 pcs tree irrigation water bags need to be sent.
We need to estimate the shipping cost based on the address you provided.

After receiving your address, we will give you a quotation as soon as possible. Thank you

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