Foldable Rainwater Tanks Production

- Mar 29, 2020-


Recently, LOHAS Industrial Co., Ltd. is intensively manufacturing foldable rainwater tanks.

Because this large rainwater tank is designed with many accessories. Its accessories include support rods, zippers, water inlets, water outlets, switches and more.

Therefore, we must communicate well with the accessories manufacturers required by this large folding water tank in advance and deliver to us on time.

Yesterday and Sunday, we received the last batch of rain bucket accessories, which are a total of 20,000 water bucket lid zippers.

In special times, there are workers in our factory. They arranged to unload and move the zippered outer box to the warehouse, ready to sew to the rainwater collector lid this week.

Then this week, we can arrange the shipment of 20,000 heavy collapsible rainwater collectors for this German guest.

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