Foldable Rainwater Tanks Market Development

- Aug 25, 2020-

Companies that export outdoor products, such as Lohas Industrial Co., Ltd., when developing foldable rainwater tanks, when introducing portable pressure shower bags to customers, or at a certain moment when tree bags are recommended, they sometimes feel that they are developing. The response rate is getting lower and lower.

Two days ago, I received an enquiry from a Danish customer asking for outdoor picnic mats. When we responded to the guests, although the information on this machine-washed outdoor mat was very detailed and the pictures were accurate, the price was relatively low. However, there was no feedback from the guests.

I called and just told us to send another email and they would check it. There is no follow-up.

What the hell is going on? There are many reasons for this, which are related to the overall foreign trade situation, such as the downturn in the market and the lack of monks. Of course, China's foreign trade has gone from an extensional barbaric growth stage to a mature competitive sales stage.

For example, in the past, many foreigners did not have a supplier in China, and received a development letter about a lightweight waterproof bag. It happens that this folding waterproof bag is of interest to her, and the chance of replying is great. Now these foreigners may already have several similar suppliers in China, is he still interested in knowing?

Therefore, the competition for outdoor products is very fierce. In addition, during the epidemic, everyone has limited spending power and is not suitable for large-scale outdoor activities. Therefore, the reduction in demand is understandable.

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