Foldable Rain Barrel's Payment

- Aug 03, 2020-

The payment of the foldable rain bucket

Some time ago, Lohas Industrial Co., Ltd. received an order for a foldable rainwater collection box from a British customer.

The order quantity is 5000, and the size of the rain bucket is 60x80cm, 225L. The material, size, color, color box, manual, and other details of this large-volume bucket have been negotiated with the customer.

The next time, is to wait for the customer to pay the advance payment, and then we start to produce large products of outdoor rain buckets.

However, our salesman contacted the customer for a week, but there was no progress, the email was not answered, and the customer called over and said that he was on vacation.

You need to wait until the holiday is over before you can arrange the payment.

If you encounter such a problem in the future, it is best to arrange things properly before the guests have a holiday.

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