First Aid Waterproof Bags

- Feb 08, 2020-

In the past two days, guests on our website have been asking about the price of the product. Some German guests asked for the price of foldable water buckets. The number was 1,000. Some British guests asked for the price of garden irrigation rainwater tanks. The number was 5,000. 250L rainwater collectors were the most popular. I have also received enquiries from several Chinese trading companies for first aid waterproof bags.

Because the current epidemic situation is serious, our company is prepared to donate 2 million yuan to the disaster area in Wuhan and send 5,000 first aid waterproof bags. This batch of waterproof first aid bags was originally produced to customers in Australia last year. These waterproof bags are for those who need it most.
When we respond to each customer, we still do our best to record the customer's needs in order to arrange the order as soon as possible. Do not affect these goods ordered by customers due to the epidemic situation.

first aid kit bag

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