Face Masks

- Jul 31, 2020-

During this time, we received an order for 5 million face masks.

The enquiry for this mask order was sent to our company by a British customer.

The protective mask he requested is a civilian protective mask, double-sided film, anti-fog, and the material is APET.

The size of this protective mask is 33x22cm, and the packaging requirements are 10 environmental protection masks in a Pe bag, and 400 in a carton.

The delivery time is about 15 working days.

The time from inquiry to order is only about ten days. Then the customer sent PO over.

On the fourth day after receiving this order, we received the full payment from the customer. Then we will intensively arrange raw materials, production and other specific links.

And arrange a number of special quality inspection teams to conduct inspections to ensure that this civilian protective mask can be completed in quality and quantity.

Currently, we arrange to ship 3 containers of face masks every day. It is estimated that it will take another 10 days to produce and ship all the protective masks.

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