Exibition Outdoor Garden Products

- Nov 15, 2019-

On the last day of the fair, the three of us left our rooms and lugged our suitcases to the pavilion because we had to catch the 3pm train. On this day, almost no customers came. Even if one or two foreigners came in, they still wanted to buy samples. Hangzhou before the general account, all samples are not allowed to sell, to all shipped back to hangzhou.

Less than an hour into the building, the scene began to stir, the sound of the squeak of the packing belt continuously into the ears. Therefore, we followed the trend and started to withdraw the outdoor garden supplies, such as large folding bucket, rain collector, tree bag, portable pressure bag, water bag backpack, waterproof bag, etc. When we were ready to pack them into the box, we found that two outer boxes had been broken and could not be used at all. Xiao li and xiao Yang continue packing. I will look around to see if there are any extra cartons to pick up.

So the whole exhibition hall in a hurry to turn, a row of a row of go, carton is a lot, but people also want to use. Ran to the first floor to see a booth edge pile a lot of boxes, asked the boss can give two, ah, the boss while packing things said, the sample sold may have more cartons, a few rotten to you also useless.

I repeatedly say rotten in where, the boss pointed to the side of a sanitation worker said, you front look at the garbage should take away. Quickly ran forward and sure enough, I saw cartons in the cart. I asked him to come over and see that the tape was still sticky and could be reused.

All these outdoor garden samples are packed and logistics is called to pull the goods. When the key logistics chain, we have been waiting for nearly an hour they have not arrived at the booth, while waiting for the express delivery of that time, three people hurriedly pick up some box lunch. At that time it was 1:30, every five minutes, the logistics finally arrived. When the goods were pulled out, we followed them and took the release slip to leave the museum. After walking out of the exhibition hall, I hurried to the train station on the subway. My whole body was sticky with sweat. I breathed a sigh of relief as I squeezed into the compartment. We had ten minutes to start.

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