Do You Use An Inflatable Pad Or A Sleeping Bag For Sleeping While Camping?

- Sep 15, 2019-

This should be known to anyone who has ever really backpacked out.

Both are indispensable. Of course, if the place is very hot, sleeping bags can be saved, but moistureproof mats should not be saved.

Because even the drier places where people sleep for a night will have moisture under them, let alone if it is on the grassland, the moisture will be very heavy, very bad for the body.

Air cushion is damp-proof cushion, there are self-inflated, there are aluminum film or egg groove, depending on how you choose, self-inflated volume is small, but heavier, aluminum film egg groove is light, but the volume is large, in general, self-inflated sleeping comfort is higher, the function is the same, the most important thing is moisture-proof, and then on. To improve comfort, think about lying directly on the ground, completely flat, or better to say, if there is something to cough up, more uncomfortable, if sleeping on cement or slate floor, lie down for a night, wake up in the morning with backache, the cushion has a certain thickness, generally 1.8 to 2.5CM more, lie down a little softer.

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