Deep Analysis Of The Interior Of The Plant Wall, The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Various Plant Walls, To See What Kind Of Plant Wall Is Suitable For Your Home?

- Sep 15, 2019-

Bag plant wall

Fabric-bag plant wall refers to the planting of cultivated plants in plant bags, which are tough, heat-insulating, cold-resistant, ultra-thin and humid-resistant, so as to ensure the healthy growth of plants in different seasons. In the process of bag-type vegetable wall, waterproofing technology must be done at the wall first, then the growth carriers of soft vegetable wall, such as felt, non-woven fabric, fibers, etc., are laid, and then the plants are filled in the cracks of the carrier to achieve wall greening.

Advantages: The bag plant wall has the advantages of simple construction, no need to make steel structure, high cost performance, ventilation and light transmission, short and fast overall construction period, ultra-thin and ultra-light without excessive fixed points, waterproof and root resistance, building greening without falling, and low maintenance cost in the later period.

The disadvantage of the cloth-bag plant wall is that the space of the cloth-bag is small. Secondly, plant crowding and poor ventilation easily lead to large-scale death. Because of the limited nutritional soil in the bag type, the nutrition needed for plant growth in the later stage can not keep up with it, which will cause the plant on the plant wall to become yellow and withered in the later stage, thus affecting the overall beauty. Once the waterproofing is not done well, it is easy to leak and corrode the wall in the later period. Textile materials are easy to be eroded and decayed, and their service life is short.

Modular Plant Wall

The so-called modular plant wall refers to a complete plant wall formed by splicing a modular flowerpot through a single unit. The hardness, corrosion resistance and aging resistance of the plant wall are improved by using PE materials. Because of the design of each unit module, every plant can be in the same growth environment.

Advantages: installation module is more flexible, suitable for different wall environment, can splice different graphics of plant walls; plant fertilization absorption is balanced absorption; no need to do waterproof treatment on the wall, basically no corrosion of the wall; service life is longer longer than cloth bags, suitable for indoor installation.

Disadvantage: It needs to install keel in advance, which consumes a lot of manpower, is difficult to construct, and has a high material cost, especially for the unit flower pot module. In the later stage, the matrix and rotten roots are easy to plug the drainage holes and cause local leakage, corrosion of the wall surface, resulting in high maintenance costs in the later stage.

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