Containue Last News Of China Communist Party

- Jul 05, 2020-

containue last news of Communist Party of China

3. Participants

  All the Communist Party members of the company (each project or branch can invite 1-2 active members of the party to attend as participants).

   IV. Activities

   (1) Focusing on the theme, convene a branch meeting, symposium or carry out keynote speech activities (mandatory for institutions and projects);

   (2) Each project department and party branch should take the initiative to care for the life of party members, and carry out a visit and condolences to the difficult party members (optional projects);

For those dedicated party members, such as knowing the materials of rain buckets, improving the processing technology of waterproof backpacks, putting forward new perspectives on the packaging of portable shower bags, and having unique insights into the waterproofing technology of foldable tents, etc. Performance and condolences.

   (3) The company leaders, department heads and deputies, and the project team should pay a special party fee, combined with the Super Britain Love Fund, to help the children of families of employees who have difficulty in entering the university this year.

And arrange for outdoor trips for the children of these employees. When you go out to play, you can give away the masks and outdoor products such as picnic backpacks, picnic mats, lawn mats, beach mats, etc.

   (4) Purchase a batch of books, such as outdoor travel kits and camping tent series necessary for travel, and build the "Xinhe Book Corner" of the project department to enrich the spiritual life of party members and employees (optional projects);

   (5) Carrying out an education campaign on clean government warning of "educating people around us with things around us". Organize party members and cadres to watch special films on integrity education, and give party members and cadres an in-depth party spirit and party discipline education (optional).

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