Communist Party Of China

- Jul 05, 2020-

On July 1, 2020, on the special day of the ninety-ninth anniversary of the Communist Party of China, LOHAS Industrial Co., Ltd. held a party building event.

The company's July 1st Party Day activity plan (1)

  In order to thoroughly study the spirit of the Eighteenth National Congress of the Party and the Fourth Plenary Session of the Eighteenth Central Committee, and solidly promote the party's mass line education and practical activities, the company's party committee decided to carry out the party building theme around 2016 on July 1st.

1. Activity Theme

All projects should focus on the theme of "Party Members and My Ten Billion Happy Living", and can carry out characteristic theme activities. The connotation of the "One Billion Happy Living" dream can be extended to the improvement of the rainwater collector and the optimization of the waterproof bag material structure. , Fine management of collapsible buckets, integrity, professionalism, etc.

 2. Activity time

July 1, 2020-July 2, 2020

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