Collapsible Water Tanks Order Returned

- Nov 25, 2019-

Just entered the company not long ago, I took over the list is the Dutch return! Because I don't know what happened, X is the person who was responsible for the list. By right, X should handle the return of collapsible water tank. I don't know how to assign it to the female manager, so it's up to me.

X carefully told me the original reason for the return: the inspection was passed, but when the goods arrived in Rotterdam after a month's sea crossing, most of the outer boxes were wet. The folding water tank was ok, but the surface of the water tank was a little dirty because of the water flowing in. Now the two sides have reached an agreement to transport these large collapsible water tanks back, rework and clean them before shipping them out.

Since Dutch and female managers have reached an agreement in advance, it will be much easier for me to take over. There is not much customs declaration as usual, but the procedure is a little more complicated: prepare the invoice of these large water tanks, the list of foldable buckets, the export declaration of buckets for drinking water, the verification and cancellation of foldable buckets, the declaration of return and customs clearance, the registration form of large water storage containers, and then stamp by both parties.

More than a month later, these foldable buckets arrived at Ningbo port. The factory arranges the driver to pull back, and all the workers work overtime to rework. The customer didn't complain when they sent it out again. It was finally over. Because of the smooth settlement, it did not cause a great loss

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