Collapsible Water Tank Client Nick

- Nov 27, 2019-

After a long time of contact with Nick, the collapsible water tank guest, he will chat with me slowly and tell me that he has been divorced for nearly two years, a son is in college, and a daughter has been married. I met a Thai woman who worked in England half a year ago and was ready to get married.

Speaking of going to Thailand, he asked Thailand to see if there was a market for collapsible water tank. He ran to the supermarket to see if there was a collapsible water bucket, and ran to the store to see what the current style and specifications of the bucket were. When I went, I took this Thai woman with me. It seems that in Thailand, there is also a demand for such buckets.

Ha ha, it didn't take long for him to get married and bring his newly married wife to China. That day her delicate makeup, stepping on hateful sky high, smile when the dimple is particularly charming! Why do I see his wife's first reaction is that the original Thai Banshee looks like that!

Once on the way to the factory, he took the initiative to talk about his daughter, whose expression was very complicated! He said that his daughter married a supermarket clerk, and the other party's family situation was not very good, but her daughter was determined to live with the salesman! No matter how Nick persuades and guides, he still goes his own way. Ha-ha. They had been in conflict for nearly half a year because of this. He apologized with his daughter to make up for it!

On another visit, he brought his daughter and son-in-law. Outwardly, the son-in-law is not good-looking or talkative. But the happiness of his daughter's face. Like two people are not matched, not in the eyes of outsiders appearance and family, but in two people can appreciate and tolerance each other! It depends on whether they can have the same aesthetic and values!

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