Collapsible Water Tank Client Mobeen

- Nov 13, 2019-

On the third day, a client named Mobeen came, Pakistani. Ha ha, curly hair, dark skin, dirty clothes, it's not clean.

Once by an Indian. I've ordered a small waterproof camera bag here. The quantity is 200. Waterproof camera bag can not only hold cameras, but also clothes, wallets and other personal items. This Indian likes it very much, but the payment is delayed. He can't urge the payment for two months. Every day on Skype, he asks you to call other suppliers in China and help him to urge the samples, such as bath bags, showers, fishing equipment, bathtubs, large folding kettles, freight forwarders, and schedule

Moreover, the Indian A-San didn't have any honesty at all. He always said that he had a large order on his hand. The samples were free, and the express delivery was free. He wasn't an old customer. Later, when he talked about compromise, he asked the express delivery to other manufacturers to deliver with the big goods. Then he asked for a pair of other sleeping bags and sent them out. When tracking those samples, the Indian didn't pay attention at all. Later, he asked me for help again, and I ignored him directly.

But the man named mobeen gave me a different perspective on Pakistanis. The suit is straight. When we walk into our booth, it's very friendly. We take the initiative to smile and shake hands. Looking around the product for a few minutes, I asked for a business card and a catalog. "Keep in touch." after saying that, he left. After a few steps, he turned around and came back. He smiled and handed over his business card, saying that he forgot to leave his business card.

There was no special conversation with him at the exhibition. Like most other customers, he visited the booth, looked around for a minute or two, took a sample of business cards and left. It is worth mentioning that his English is very pure, which can not be compared with A-3. Later I learned that he grew up in the United States, so the market is also in the United States.

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