Collapsible Rainwater Water Tank Promotion

- Nov 12, 2020-

 11.11 collapsible rain barrel promotion day 

Today is the day of 11.11 promotion of China and all the world. At this time every year, Lohas Industrial Co., Ltd. will conduct some promotional activities for old customers and for some products.

Since last week, we have been preparing for the big promotion. At present, we have selected several outdoor best-selling products as the main products of the big promotion. The main products selected this time are collapsible rain barrel, outdoor waterproof bags, camping inflatable cushions, and portable pressure shower bags.

Below we take the foldable rain bucket as an example, how we do promotion.

First, there is a big promotion for foldable rain buckets. According to the different sizes and specifications of rain buckets, the different packaging methods of rain buckets, and the order quantity of rain buckets, we price the rain buckets at three different levels.

The popular sizes of collapsible rainwater water tank are 98L, 50x50cm, 100L, 41x75cm, 225L 60x80cm, 400L, 500L, 600L 750L, etc. Generally, our minimum order quantity is 500 pieces, so here is a discount of 5%. The quantity of 1000-3000pcs collapsible water tank is a discounted price of 6%, and the discounted price of more than 5000 pcs collapsible collector water tank is 8%.

After the price of the collapsible water tank PVC is customized, we will send an email to all the old customers to inform them that we have a foldable water tank garden promotion during 11.11. If they are interested, we can provide samples of collapsible water barrel for free.

Then, each business person conducts a new round of follow-up greetings to the guests on hand, and if any guests need rain buckets, they will conduct proofing, sending samples and placing orders.

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