Collapsible Rain Tank's Arrangement

- Sep 27, 2020-

National Day is approaching, and Lohas Industrial Co., Ltd. has been extremely busy in the past few months, especially the workers on the production line, who have worked overtime for four consecutive months. In order to be able to cut the material of the foldable rainwater bucket, to print the LOGO of the waterproof bag, to complete the delivery of the bag for watering the tree on time, and to order more other outdoor products and garden products.

Therefore, our company decided that during the National Day, all workers will arrange a rest for about one week.

Before the holiday, all our staff will sort out the orders of each customer, such as ultra-light waterproof bags, outdoor inflatable cushions, camping mats, camping tents, portable shower pressure bags and other products to organize and rearrange.

Ensure that all customers' goods can be completed in quality and quantity.

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