Collapsible Rain Barrel Meetings

- Sep 09, 2020-

Collapsible rain barrel meetings

All sales employees of Lohas Industrial Co., Ltd. gathered in the meeting room for a new awareness meeting on the foldable outdoor rainwater bucket in outdoor products.

At the meeting, our general manager of sales gave a profound explanation on the foldable rainwater bucket, so that employees have a deeper understanding of this outdoor portable rainwater collection box.

Including the use and materials of outdoor rainwater buckets, the design of the top of the rainwater storage box cover has a circular cover that can block leaves and other things in the center. And the actual use range of our garden irrigation water tank is not only limited to outdoors, gardens, but also can be used in bathrooms and baths.

In addition, each salesperson also analyzed and discussed the market of rainwater barrels. In the past, the outdoor market for this 225L rainwater tank was basically in Europe and America. Especially the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, and now we have reached the market in Asia, South Korea, Singapore, Japan, and Australia.

For the new market for outdoor rainwater harvesters, we also analyze and reflect on each customer.

This meeting has benefited all of me a lot.

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