Collapsible Rain Barrel Inspection

- Jun 05, 2020-

In the morning, a third party went to the factory to inspect the goods, which was a large amount of collapsible rainwater tank for Danish guests.

After the third-party inspection staff Mark came, he did lots of things about the collapsible rain barrels.

The first is to look at the size of the rain buckets, 225L, 60cm in diameter and 80cm in height. He checked them carefully and measured the size of the 225L rain bucket with a tape measure.

Secondly, MRRK looked at the printing of the garden rainwater collection barrel, outer box, and packaging, and also specifically measured the thickness and density of the rainwater tank material.

Then, he carried out a water filling test on these large-capacity water tanks. After filling the water, check whether the water tank was leaking, and then check whether the corresponding tick marks on the water tank matched the actual water capacity.

Again, MARK also conducted a drop box test on the outer box, and dropped the outer box of the garden irrigation bucket from a height of 2 meters. The outer box was intact. The test passed.

Finally, let us carry out the loading of the container and load the goods into the cabinet as required.

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