Collapsible Rain Barrel Factory

- Jun 24, 2020-

Collapsible rain barrel factory

Recently, the collapsible rainwater collecting bucket is very popular.

It may be due to the advent of the rainy season, making everyone fall in love with this water tank dedicated to collecting rainwater.

This morning, I opened the website of LOHAS Industrial Co., Ltd. and saw several inquiries about this rain bucket. Some require 225L, some require 100L, and some require 750L. One of the enquiries was actually sent by a professor at an agricultural university in Switzerland. He said that they will do a research and need to use rainwater collection buckets, but only 48 quantities. Moreover, the delivery time is very urgent.

If we just have stock in our factory, there is no problem, we can ship immediately. However, if it is out of stock and needs to be re-produced, it will definitely not be delivered within 10 days. The key is that he wants too few green rainwater collection tanks.

We can meet the requirements of most customers. But for those retail customers, generally we only retail to customers when they are in stock. Under normal circumstances, our rain buckets have a minimum order quantity of at least 100.

Of course, most of the guests know that we are a manufacturer specializing in the production of rain buckets. They are big goods and rarely retail.

If you have friends who need a lot of foldable rainwater collectors, you can contact us at any time.

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