Collapsible Rain Barrel Clients

- Nov 11, 2019-

Two clients impressed me very, very deeply. One was Andrew, a Canadian. We have understood all the details of the existing rainwater barrels, including how to fold the rainwater barrels, how to install the collapsible rainwater barrels, the materials of the collapsible rainwater barrels, the size of the rainwater barrels, and the packaging method of the rainwater barrels. Finally took out their own rain bucket design draft, is an abstract painting.

As for the design draft of the rain bucket, several of us salesmen just look at it like that. From the design draft, we really don't know what it looks like. Maybe this is the difference between Chinese and western culture and aesthetics. The manager studied the paper for a long time with the collapsible rain bucket and told us that maybe the process requirements were higher and the hot pressing requirements were stricter. The phone boss came to see whether it could be produced. The boss studied and confirmed that it could be done. But the MOQis 5000.

Andrew smiled at us, a patient old man. Tell me: It's ok for us to order 5000pcs,but we need goods exactly the same as the design. The customer nodded understanding, if the sample confirmed appropriate, will visit our factory.

Another client was the former French client, who was very polite and not like a businessman, like a literati Cedric. He came with the designer from their company. One suitcase for each of them. At first, xiao Yang was receiving him. I was talking to another client. After the client left, I turned around and saw them sitting at the table, looking at me. Ha ha.

I walked over and Cedric said, "How are you? "After some pleasantries, I learned that they had been coming for several minutes and were waiting for me. It was a warm moment. Never met, because of the email contact, did not think that one day we can sit together face to face conversation. At that time, they expressed confidence in our product, but it needed to be developed again. In addition, they brought us a waterproof bag and asked us if we could produce it. The French are very strict on the product requirements, would rather high prices, also want to make the product exquisite and beautiful, and Japanese similar.

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