Collapsible Rain Barrel Client Andrew 1

- Nov 18, 2019-

What's more worrying is that Andrew has already started to urge folding bucket samples. He said he would take samples to negotiate with his clients right away. I'm sorry to say, Andrew, the sample of rain water bucket is not qualified, so we need to find another way I have to ask him to wait for a few days patiently, explaining that there needs to be a little adjustment time after the mold is just opened, and we will send the samples as soon as possible. Please rest assured.

On this side of the factory, I ran downstairs every day to ask the master of the rain bucket mold. When he saw me, he would say, "hurry up again. Not yet. I'll see it in two days! " Hangzhou general manager has developed a new draft. The mold master thinks it's not good. The pressure of the grinding tool is too high. When the time comes, it's easy to press two pieces of materials too deep. But the time is pressing, and there's no better way. Let's just try, debug the mold, start proofing, and carefully make every detail of the foldable portable rainwater bucket.

In terms of materials, we communicated with the material manufacturer again to tell him the effect required by the customer, and gave him a reference for the problems in the previous proofing, so that he could understand where it was not good and needed to be modified and adjusted. Finally, the proofing effect is good.

Then immediately test the water in therain barrel. After the test, immediately send the pictures of all details of the rain bucket to his customer. Soon the customer promised that the pictures were OK, so he sent them out the same day. Waiting for his reply. Mold master said to me on the day of mold adjustment that if the customer is not satisfied with this change, we can't do it. The level of workmanship is beyond the capacity of our factory.

Fortunately, the customer reluctantly agreed to place an order for 10000 rainwater buckets for us. However, the delivery time is very urgent, but it's rushed out. A problem was predicted by the mold master. The picture frame is easy to break, and the packaging will break. Andrew didn't send a person to inspect the goods, he just sent the delivery chart to him. I asked the manager if he should ship the goods. The manager thought that the customer said he could do it as soon as possible. So we contacted the shipping department to arrange the shipment of these rain buckets.

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