Collapsible Rain Barrel Client Andrew

- Nov 15, 2019-

Back to hangzhou, the next round of busy.

The manager assigned each of them some Canton fair customer CARDS to follow up. He himself has twenty-eight business CARDS, xiao Yang and xiao li each have fifteen, and I have ten. These are some of the customers, and only two orders were developed later, namely Andrew and Mobeen. Other guests, who had a sample request, were portable shower pressure bags with no response at the back. Let's focus on those two clients.

Andrew, this old man is really interesting. He wanted a collapsible rain bucket to collect rainwater.

Go to the office to open mailbox to see him to send an email to come. We have communicated with him for a long time about the abrasive tool, such as the size of the rain bucket. Because it is very big, we need to open the mold. Then is the collapsible rain barrel material, special requirements customized. PVC mesh cloth is required to be 1000D, which is better than before in terms of density, accuracy and firmness. In the past, conventional collapsible rain tank used 500DPVC mesh cloth

Therefore, after checking the price with general manager hang and quoting it, the mould fee was settled after several times of return and return. 5,000 dollars was not a small amount, but he accepted it. Check the factory immediately before you pay. He returned home three days after the Canton fair.

The customers who come to the factory to watch are all much the same, looking at the scale of the factory, looking at the process of making rain barrels, looking at the production of this kind of sharmers that can fold buckets, looking at other outdoor garden products, workers, site construction. That is to buy a peace of mind, know there really is such a factory, not foreign trade company. All the other details are fine, except that Andrew said to be careful about our production capacity. Hang general said that if the amount of large also can hire workers, buy equipment. Ha ha

The customer believed that it was true, immediately after the return of the mold cost. Hangzhou general here also began to close the mold. When the new mold comes out of the oven, the model of a collapsible rain bucket is not ideal. The machine presses the collapsible rain tank so hard that the bottom edge of the water tank overheats.

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