Collapsible Rain Barrel Advantages

- Oct 23, 2020-

Lohas Industrial Co., Ltd. recently spent quite some time on this product, a foldable rain bucket.

This morning, we compared the advantages and disadvantages of foldable rainwater buckets and traditional plastic buckets. The specific results are as follows:

1. portable folding water tanks, judging from the name, it is foldable. After folding, the volume is very small, and it is convenient to carry. It can be used in large quantities outdoors, gardens,

The traditional plastic bucket is firmly fixed, cannot be folded, is bulky, and is not easy to handle and transport. There are great limitations for outdoor use.

2. The collapsible tanks for storage , we produce is not only an outdoor garden water bucket, it can be used at home, such as a foldable bathtub. Moreover, the material is replaced with food-grade materials, which can also be used to store drinking water. It is a portable fresh water container.

The traditional plastic bucket can only be used at home and can only be used for non-potable water. It is not convenient to use.

3. Our collapsible water storage containers are strictly controlled during the production process. They have absolute advantages in quality and very favorable prices. The factory price is absolutely good and cheap.

collapsible water storage barrel

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