Collapsible Drinking Water Tanks

- Mar 20, 2020-

A few days ago I received an enquiry from a German customer. We need 1,000 pieces collapsible drinking water tanks. We need to sample 2 drinking water tanks of different sizes, one sample size is 1000L. The other size is 2000L.

One of the collapsible water tanks is a pillow-shaped, TPU food-grade material that can be folded and then easily transported.

The other water tank is round and has a lid on it. It is also a TPU food grade material. Easy to carry and fold.

This German customer is a distributor specializing in outdoor water tanks. His main products are garden rainwater collection tanks and outdoor folding water tanks.

Today we have made a sample of the foldable water tank requested by this customer. The packaging size of the 2000L water tank d is 55x55x40cm, and the gross weight is 15 kg each. 1000L water tank, outer box size is 43x37x40cm, gross weight is 11kg each.

LOHAS Industrial Co., Ltd. contacted the courier company, and came to pick up the goods today, and sent the samples of the two drinking water folding buckets to the customers. When preparing the samples, we also sent 100 masks to the customers for preparation He needs it from time to time.

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