Collapsible Bucket For Disaster Relief

- Oct 24, 2019-

This week, lohas industrial co., ltd. received an order from the Chinese government for water cans for disaster relief. In order to promote this order, company leaders and relevant government personnel have made many tests and field visits to this bucket for disaster relief, and paid a lot of efforts and labor.

2 t folding tank soft folding tank TPU civil disaster relief tank

The advantages of disaster relief soft storage tank

Flexible movement and handling; The production cost is low, the transportation cost is low, and the monomer volume is large; Suitable for dressing and drinking water.

1. Material type: polyurethane (tpu) double-sided film Oxford cloth (food grade)

2. Temperature stability: no flowing, foaming or sliding under high temperature; Non-brittle cracking performance at low temperature. It can also be considered as the ability to maintain the original performance under a certain temperature change.

3, mechanical strength, extensibility boat fracture resistance: under the allowable range of load stress and deformation of the building structure does not fracture performance.

4, flexibility: for waterproof materials special requirements of low temperature flexibility, to ensure easy construction, not brittle crack.

5. Atmospheric stability: the ability to resist aging and erosion under the long-term comprehensive action of sunlight, heat, oxygen, other chemical erosion media, microbial erosion media and other factors.

6, water resistance: that is, in the role of water and water infiltration after the copying performance is basically unchanged, under the pressure of water impermeability.

Use of disaster relief soft storage tank:

Used to carry water instead of heavy iron or hard plastic buckets.

disaster relief tank02

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