Chinese Qingming Festival

- Apr 06, 2020-

April 4 is a traditional Chinese festival, Qingming Festival.

This morning, after the national flag of Tiananmen Square was raised, a second half-flag ceremony was held to express our deep condolences to the victims of the new crown pneumonia epidemic and the dead compatriots.

The State Council announced that in order to express the deep condolences of the martyrs and deceased compatriots at the expense of the people of all ethnic groups in the fight against the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the State Council decided to hold a national mourning event on April 4, 2020.

During this period, the national and foreign embassies and consulates in the lower half of the flag mourned, and the country ceased public entertainment. From 10:00 on April 4, the people of the whole country mourned for 3 minutes. Cars, trains, and ships whistle, and air defense alarms sounded.

In the past 70 days, people across China have made great efforts to fight the epidemic.

The first-line medical workers began their endless work with medical masks, disposable medical masks, protective clothing, and goggles.

Ordinary people are isolated at home and wear face masks to protect themselves and others.

Some companies that produce other outdoor products, cushion products, or auto parts have begun to respond to the national call to produce children masks, protective clothing, goggles, and ear thermometers.

During this period, countless heroes fighting the epidemic lost their precious lives. On the 4.4th day, a national condolences event was held nationwide, and I hope that heaven will be free of viruses.

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