Canton Fair Experience

- Nov 08, 2019-

People need to learn to be content and grateful, in order to be happy. At that time, almost nothing, they are really easy to meet, a little thing can be happy for several days. After a few days of Canton fair, although tired, the heart has a wonderful feeling, as if to find the inner power of work.

The fair site is very spectacular, a variety of outdoor goods dazzling, the most impressive is the main passage of another company, six booths, the atmosphere ah, said we can not match. They mainly produce tents, sleeping bags, very good looking. The first day a reporter went to interview their boss and his customers at the booth. Newspapers would be printed the next day and distributed to the companies at each stand.

Our own booth is also very good, all customers' business CARDS we are unified collection in a book. It is not said that each clerk received the guests are their own custody. Because my spoken language is good among them, basically not several customers at the same time to the booth, I and they talk.

Xiao li is responsible for ordering business CARDS and recording the main content of the dialogue, such as what kind of rain bucket, tree bag, waterproof bag, waterproof bag, bucket, picnic mat, picnic bag, sleeping bag, tent, etc. Size, material, style details, etc. Xiao Yang mainly observes the surrounding situation and receives new customers from time to time. The manager will watch the whole site and adjust the price, moq and other details according to the current situation. Hangzhou general is the whole exhibition non-stop, to see whether there are appropriate materials or peer and our competitors.

The first two days the customer one after another to compare many. Many customers also sat down with me to discuss the details of the product, and they would directly say that they are interested in the product and want to place an order. Ha ha

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