Can I Use A Camping Mat For Yoga?

- Nov 26, 2020-

When playing outdoors, bring outdoor camping mats and tents to do all kinds of happy activities.

When you arrive at your destination, you can just spread the camping mat on the ground, and then you can sit down to eat, drink and have fun.

Of course, many people will ask? Can I do yoga on a camping mat?

The answer is of course yes, we can do yoga on the camping mat.

Camping mats actually have many similarities with yoga mats.


   The most basic recommendation for the thickness of the yoga mat is that beginners can use a thicker yoga mat, such as 6 mm thick, to prevent sports injuries. After having a certain foundation and experience, you can switch to a yoga mat with a thickness of 3.5 mm to 5 mm. Of course, if you are very afraid of "pain", you can always choose a relatively thick yoga mat for practice.


  If you practice yoga based on soft training, you will often encounter sitting on a camping mat. At this time, a thicker and softer picnic mat will make you more comfortable. But if you are practicing Power Yoga, Flow Yoga, or Ashtanga Yoga, which is more dynamic, you need a thinner and harder outdoor mat. At this time, outdoor picnic mats are very suitable. Yoga mats that are too soft and thick are not convenient for movement.

Some people who are more demanding will feel that too thick yoga mats hinder their contact with the ground, etc. In fact, the thickness of yoga mats mainly depends on personal preference.

  If your movements are not so static, and you don't sweat as much as running, are they somewhere in between. Which kind of mat should be used? I will answer "or choose thinner." Thick cushions (above 5 mm) lose the feeling of contact with the ground, and will feel "distorted" when doing a lot of movements. In foreign countries, most yoga practitioners love to use thin mats. In fact, they are outdoor camping mats produced by Lohas Industrial Co., Ltd. This is the reason.

If you feel that your knees are uncomfortable when the thin cushion is doing some kneeling motions, you can put a towel under your knees.

outdoor mat for yoga

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