Camping Shower Tent Material

- Aug 24, 2020-

In the morning, I received an inquiry from a Greek customer requesting to purchase a shower tent.

Summer is here and shower tents are very popular.

Lohas Industrial Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in the production of shower tents. Shower tents can be customized according to the requirements of guests.

According to the characteristics of shower tents, shower rooms of various styles, materials, colors and sizes can be made. Usually, the best-selling tents are waterproof nylon materials with anti-UV lining. Such tents are more durable and do not have to worry about being exposed to the sun.

When many customers order this shower room, they usually don't know the materials. Different materials have all the differences in price.

Therefore, in order to give you a better quotation, please inform you of the size, quantity, and materials you need when inquiring the shower room. If there is no special requirement, we will quote you according to the conventional materials. The minimum order quantity is 500 pieces.

  Thank you for your patronage.

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