Camping Shower Bag Quantity Revised

- Nov 20, 2020-

In the morning, we received an order for camping shower bags from Dutch guests.

This camp shower bag is the most original black bath bag, 20L, the shower bag is printed with instructions for use, and then comes with a color box designed by the customer.

In previous years, the customer only ordered 1,008 outdoor shower bags at a time. This year, the customer will order 5,000  solar shower bags.

Because there are 24 solar shower bags in a box, and 5000/24= 208.33 cartons... So, can the number of the camp showers be adjusted to the full box as before? Therefore, we recommend that guests add 16 more.

Then, in the email, we stated that the goods can be completed before 15-12-2020 as required, please see the PI in the attachment.

In addition, all the details about the shower bag, including color boxes, labels, etc., are the same as last year, right? please confirm.

After receiving the advance payment from your company, we will immediately start the production of this order.

Looking forward to your reply, thank you.

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