Camping Party Of Lohas Industrial Co Ltd

- Aug 17, 2020-

Camping party of Lohas Industrial Co Ltd

Last weekend, some employees of Lohas Industrial Co., Ltd. participated in the camping activities and brought their children with them.

The place where everyone is active is the grass park. The grassy park is very suitable for picnics and other activities.

The friends took out travel bags, picnic mats, picnic bags, spread them on the grass, and the most important thing, tents.

Some people brought quick-open tents, while others brought erect tents. Children like to help adults set up tents together.

If you are not proficient when setting up a tent, you can follow the camping tent instructions to build it, install support poles, insert ground nails, open the windows of multi-person tents, etc.

After everything is ready, everyone starts to play the game. Children and adults participate in the grass running relay. Cabaret performances, rope skipping competitions, etc.

When it was almost noon, everyone sat on the mat, opened the picnic bag, took out the food, and shared the delicious food with each other.

At night, the bonfire party opens, watching the stars and experiencing the tranquility of nature. After the entertainment, return to the tent, turn on the tent lights, put on the inflatable cushion, take out the thin sleeping bag, and enter the dreamland beautifully with the elves.

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