Busy Season Of Outdoor Products

- Sep 15, 2020-

Starting in September, the traditional outdoor export industry has ushered in its peak season.

During this time of year, all factories are very busy.  Lohas Industrial Co., Ltd. is even more so.

Orders are received almost every day. There are foldable rainwater collection boxes, outdoor shower tents, portable pressure bags, outdoor buckets, outdoor water bags, tree bags, large-volume water tanks, camping sleeping bags, camping tents, beach mats, etc. Wait.

These orders are often returned orders from old customers, so most of the orders are still similar in detail to the previous orders.

For example, the 225L outdoor folding rainwater tank has 6 poles, and the top has a hinged cover that can be unscrewed. The barrel of the rainwater bucket is basically made of green PVC mesh cloth.

Therefore, we arrange orders very quickly, and the production efficiency is also very high.

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