Big Collapsible Water Tank Purchase Order From Mobeen

- Nov 19, 2019-

While contacting Andrew, Mobeen actually sent emails at about the same time. Every email from mobeen is very polite, a bit like an Englishman. The way of handling things is relatively low-key, not as loud as Indians. The product he wants is also a foldable bucket, but the foldable bucket he wants is not used for garden irrigation, but for drinking water. It is used for field training in the army. Therefore, the large folding water tank , water bucket material used for drinking water is required to be food grade, TPU material, safety and environmental protection, and drinkable food grade material. The size is 1000L. When you ask to send the collapsible water tank sample of this foldable bucket, you will take the initiative to say that if you want to pay for the sample, please inform him in advance, so that he can apply to the finance department.

In fact, this kind of customer is very rare. He is very happy. It took nearly a week for the foldable bucket samples to be sent out. It's really polite to apologize and tell me that he's back in Pakistan. Power and water are often cut off in China. Sometimes it's hard to imagine how they spent their days without water or electricity when they were in office for several days.

Mobeen still agrees with the samples, but wants to add the actual elements of their designers on the basis of the original samples. For example, add a cover set by their company on the top of the bucket. The large cover can be taken out or fixed on the bucket. But he sent the CD-ROM with a small Chinese knot. Ha-ha. A special accident.

After proofing again according to his manuscript, I also bought a slightly larger Chinese knot for him in the market before sending out the sample. I really don't know what to give him. I don't have any idea or creativity. But the other side also seems to be very happy after receiving!

After a long time, I finally said that I would place an order. When I received this large collapsible water tank, I was so excited. It was a big cabinet. So I started to send PI, prepare the order, mobeen's order, and did it very well. There was no problem in shipment and collection

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