Beach Mat Production Details

- Jun 02, 2020-

Yesterday, LOHAS Industrial Co., Ltd. just produced a batch of 5,000 pcs beach mats.

This beach mat is lightweight, waterproof, and nylon. The 2x2M beach mat is only as large as a 100ml water cup after packaging.

It is convenient to hold in your hand and put in your pocket. The weight is only 0.3kg, very light. All ultra-light picnic beach mats have been packed and qualified for random inspection.

In fact, when producing large quantities of foldable beach mats, our workers have inspected the mats, including inspecting the corners of the grass picnic mats, packaging, sewing, as well as the firmness test and waterproof test.

This batch of nylon beach mats are sold to Australia. At present, we have booked a cabin. It is expected that these large-sized picnic mats will be sent to Australia in three days. I hope guests can receive the goods as soon as possible.

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